Tent School’s Children Day Celebration & Health Camp Event at Baikadi

Tent School’s Children Day Celebration & Health Camp Event at Baikadi

On 19th November, FSL India’s staff and HBP volunteers were gathered at Baikadi Tent Community to celebrate Children’s Day and help run a Health Camp with the collaboration of Haradi Grama Panchayat, Community Health Centre-Bramhavara, Tent  Community and Master of Social Work  college students from Milagres and Tenkanidiyoor colleges, Udupi.

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the Haradi Panchayat  President  – Mrs. Jayalakshmi  A Shetty, Vice-President – Mr Kumar Suvarna, Taluk Panchayat Member – Mrs Vasanathi and  SELCO foundation staff member Mr Manjunath  were our guests at this event.

The programme began with welcoming the guests and a prayer by the children, followed by a speech by the local Panchayat members and guests. They talked about the Children’s Day celebrations and Health Camp, and added more things related to the Tent community people’s health, children’s education, sanitation, cleanliness and solar lights for them. Then, they asked the people to follow cleanliness in their living surroundings and maintain it properly. They also spoke of the parents need to support and encourage their children’s education.

The Panchayat officials mentioned that they are always happy to help provide better basic needs and requirements. They agreed to build more toilets and supply tap drinking water facilities for the community. The SELCO Foundation member said that they are very happy to install solar lights for the families at a discounted price, so those who are interested can get this benefit from SELCO.

The Master of Social Work students raised funds from the public to organise this Health Camp for the community.  The doctors and nurses from the Community Health Centre-Bramhavara, conducted the health treatment for the Baikadi tent community. The people and children were given the treatment and they were very happy about it. The children, tent community, volunteers and college students performed a dance in the programme. Everyone had juice and lunch during the programme.

It was a memorable and meaningful day for all of them. We celebrated the programme by involving different sectors of the community. This will help to create a platform among the community to get awareness on sanitation, education, health and hygiene.  This will also provide for their needs and make a better life for the community’s people, so they can enter the main stream of society.

Thanks to everyone, who made this a successful event through their valuable contributions and support towards this becoming an important community event.

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