AFS NH-19, IJGD and EG Quarterly Evaluation at CEL

AFS NH-19, IJGD and EG Quarterly Evaluation at CEL

LTV team, Kundapur organised a Quarterly Evaluation for our Long Term Volunteers. The program was held for 3 days, from 27th-29th November 2019.  In total, 30 volunteers from AFS took part in this evaluation. The QTE was organised at FSL India’s Centre for Experiential Living, Kundapur. The objective of the QTE is to ensure that the volunteers understand about their project, host family and the intercultural acceptance through evaluation and to help them to prepare themselves for their future actions.

LTV Kundapur team organised different activities on the first day like a host family skit presentation, session about challenges, motivation and open discussion. We also conducted some games for group bonding and some energisers.

The second day started with energisers after Mr Dinesha talked about the activities, challenges and outcome in the different projects. So, the volunteers divided into groups as per their own project and drew a Tree and explained about their activities, challenges and outcome. After that, the volunteers divided into 4 groups for discussion on Safety and Health and made charts for presentation. Finally, there was a blindfolded special lunch for all the volunteers and they participated very happily. All the LTV and CEL staff helped with the blindfolds during this activity. There was good feedback from the volunteers on the blindfolded lunch.

Obviously, not everything was work time, they also had some free time where they shared their feelings and got motivated. The first day in the evening, our volunteers had a one-to-one meeting with their coordinators. All these discussions made the volunteers to strengthen their motivation for their remaining months in India.

The volunteer’s feedback was very positive. Despite all the challenges, everything worked well and the LTV team are really satisfied with our work and the results.

Final feedback:

  • Fun and Love
  • Nice volunteer sketch
  • Very good food
  • Thank You
  • Very kind Coordinators and delicious food
  • Welcoming atmosphere overall very enjoyable
  • Thank you for this opportunity and I am very grateful
  • Next time please do full week!!!
  • It was good to exchange with other volunteers
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