Quarterly Evaluation for Our Long Term Volunteers from Germany

Quarterly Evaluation for Our Long Term Volunteers from Germany

In the month of November 2019, FSL India’s LTV Bangalore region organised a Quarterly Evaluation (QTE) for our Long Term Volunteers at Pondicherry.

The event was conducted in Pondicherry from 20th to 22nd November 2019. 5 Volunteers from Mysore Zone, 10 volunteers from Kanchipuram Zone and 7 Volunteers from Pondicherry Zone from AFS, GRC & IJGD, Germany participated in the Evaluation.

The main objective of the QTE is to ensure the volunteers’ understanding about their project, host family system and the intercultural acceptance through evaluation, and to help the participants decide on their future actions.

LTV Bangalore Region team organised different activities like project development, intercultural experience with Indian lifestyle, a motivational session and a discussion on safety. We also conducted some experiential education activities to make the evaluation more interesting and our volunteers enjoyed that very much.

Feedback from Volunteers

  • It was nice to meet the other volunteers and to exchange our problems. Food and accommodation was very nice and I am glad that it was in Pondicherry. I felt that when I can talk to my coordinator personally, it is better than talking by phone. So, it was great to have the chance to talk to my coordinator.
  • It was a really nice and relaxed program. I had a lot of time to talk with the other volunteers about our experience. The food was very nice.
  • The food was really nice, and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for the nice time.
  • For me, it was very nice to meet all the people.
  • Good food with a nice variety and enough time to relax and share experience with the other volunteers.
  • The food and accommodation was good.
  • The accommodation was really good and the food was always great, fresh and diverse.
  • Great food! It was nice to meet everyone again and I had a great time.
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