Volunteer’s voice – Sarah

Volunteer’s voice – Sarah

      Sarak Keamper, a long-term volunteer (LTV) from Germany has been volunteering at SINAM since September 2013. SINAM is a non-profit organization in the Tiruvannamala District working with poor and destitute children, promoting the welfare of differently abled people, underprivileged women, unorganized and marginalized labourers, widows, Dailits and people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Following is a testimonial of her thoughts and experiences.  

      “To empower women in India, a lot can be done. One way is to give them some knowledge they don’t get in school. Computer education is one opportunity. A lot of young women don’t have experiences with computers. What is normal for most western youngsters is something extraordinary for girls in India. A lot of families can’t afford computers or laptops and this means their children don’t know how to operate a computer. To give girls better chances for a higher education and job opportunities, computer classes are a good possibility. In a world where nothing seems to work without computers anymore it is important to make sure that also girls from poor families can gain access to this world to ensure a better future for themselves and their families.

      For me, as a volunteer, is was a great experience to see young Indian girls learn how to operate a computer and help each other out when someone needs help. I was able to teach them not just how to operate a computer but also give them some background knowledge about how a computer works, the history of computers and the internet.”

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