Testimonial on Nadine

Testimonial on Nadine

      Following is a testimonial about long-term volunteer (LTV) Nadine from Germany, who has been volunteering at Gnanodaya High School in Chennai. Rubini, her coordinator, writes to us about Nadine’s experiences. 

      “I don’t know how to start the article because I have lot to say about this volunteer Nadine. She is the most amazing volunteer that I have met in my career. Nadine did lot of good work in the project. She was working with orphan children in Chennai; she came to India for 4 month from January to April 2014. When I had spoke to her at end of her volunteering service, I really impressed by our conversation.

      The first thing she said that when volunteers got the chance to go abroad, she decided to come to India after seeing very beautiful pictures on the Internet. Then she applied to come to India for 4 months. Nadine was very happy to travel to country where there were lots of tourist places. The first day she joined the project, Nadine felt that she had to start her traveling from the coming weekend onward.  Then second day, Nadine planned her journey for 4 months to where and all she can go. After working with orphan children for the first three days, Nadine decided not to go traveling. She decided instead to work with orphan children for the rest of her time in India.

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      Nadine had complications with the children because she didn’t know the local language and the children couldn’t speak English. Then Nadine took the initiative to learn the local language. After learning basic Tamil, Nadine started to teach English to the children. There are around 126 children in Gnanodaya, but she focused on 6th, 7th & 8th grade children and taught them English, Maths and Environmental Education. She not only focused on Education, but also made all the children to have fun in the evening once they all returned from classes. She had a really nice time with the children in the project.

      After three months, Nadine was so happy to see the result of her work in the project. Almost 50 children were able to communicate in English with her, and not only that… Around 80 children broke out of their shyness and took steps to speak with international people. Along with Nadine, there was another volunteer who helped Nadine to achieve her goals. Nadine is now feeling that without any help, the children can form sentences in English and speak with people. Nadine felt that she attained her objectives in the project.”

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