Volunteer Voice: “India has shaped me in a way that only this beautiful country can do”

Volunteer Voice: “India has shaped me in a way that only this beautiful country can do”

Going to India with FSL brought me so much of joy, adventure and growth!
It gave me the chance to experience a hell lot of things, in a safe environment and with the right preparation.

Whether it was going on my first chaotic bus rides, moving in with my host family, struggling with the language or getting on my first weekend trips. There were always people that supported me, that had prepared me or that were waiting for me to discuss and evaluate what I learned during my stay in India.

My time on Varanashi Farms as an LTV volunteer was overwhelmingly fun, new, inspiring and also challenging.

On Varanashi Farms I started my journey as a volunteer which gave me the perfect point to begin exploring this country and the people. I managed to create really good friendships here with the volunteers working on the farm and the Family creating this place.

I learned so much about not only farming or food forests but also about sustainable lifestyles, how to make decisions according to the ecosystem you’re staying in. I learned how to motivate and fascinate people about this place, I gave farm tours and I lead groups in all work spaces.
I started projects and I worked on myself. I fell in love with the Indian culture, while also realising a lot about my own heritage.

I think the farm is an amazing place for people from India and abroad to meet, to do farming together and to learn from the place and each other. It is that crazy mix between cultures, lifestyles and people that makes the stay there so special. If you come to the Farm open minded and eager to learn, than this place can teach you a lot.

I thank the Varanashis, the nature and myself for making my 10 month there so diverse, so helpful and so positive.

After 10 month of crazy adventures, I still don’t want to go back. India has shaped me in a way that only this beautiful country can do.

But what motivates me is the fact that I can go to new places with what I have learned. With the cultural awareness I gained, the curiosity towards different lifestyles I developed and the new ideas I know have, I can go wherever I want. And that is the outcome of my time here.
It only was the beginning of even greater journeys….

By Mona Wiessmann (Long Term Volunteer, EG-FSL)

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