Dobrain – Providing digital cognitive development support for children between the age 3-7

Dobrain – Providing digital cognitive development support for children between the age 3-7

Dobrain is an educational app created for assessing and helping cognitive development for children of ages 3-7. Through research Dobrain  developers found that the cognition development in mankind is maximum in the ages 3-7 after which the information absorbing capacity or the development slows down with time. Dobrain has concentrated on this age group and developed an app to help children between 3 to 7 age group develop their cognition to full potential.

Dobrain provides a milestone report which is obtained after children finish the first 20 sessions in the App
This report provides information on how the child has performed through the 20 sessions along with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Dobrain measures the cognition of the child based on 8 different fields: Attention & Memory, Reaction, Logical reasoning, Mathematical thinking, Discernment, Spatial perception and Constructional ability. Each child will have varying combinations of strengths and weaknesses. 

One Dobrain session contains 3 games, the first game is a general game and the other two games are personalized games which focus on developing the cognitive fields in which the child needs to improve. Through these sessions the app helps in practicing and strengthening the sections that need improvement.

FSL India has been implementing the Dobrain project in 8 local schools (6 government and 2 private schools) for the academic year 2022 – 2023. The impact of the app has been quite significant and is seen in two aspects majorly: i) The students have been more regular to the school than ever before, the school sees maximum attendance on the days when Dobrain sessions are scheduled, in every school Dobrain is conducted once a week and children wait eagerly throughout the week to play. The app is very engaging and students love the games and songs present in the app. Children are always overjoyed when the facilitators enter the school as they know it will be time for Dobrain class soon. A number of projects are run by the government to get the students to attend school and get educated, especially in the government schools, as the importance of education in lower economic communities is still less the impact created by Dobrain to get students come to schools and help them in learning and getting educated plays a very pivotal role. ii) Most of the students in these schools belong to an underprivileged community, but through these sessions students have early access to tabs which also helps in improving digital literacy, a very rare opportunity that is being utilised by the students to the best extent!

Dobrain has received positive feedback from the schools, children and parents. The school principals and teachers have requested to continue sessions for the next academic year as well after observing the enthusiasm with which the students engage and play during the Dobrain session and how it is having a positive impact on the kids.

By Sharan (Dobrain coordinator, FSL India)

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