LTV-Winter camp in SRISTI Foundation, Pondicherry

LTV-Winter camp in SRISTI Foundation, Pondicherry

Winter camp Date: 06.10.2014 to 17.10.2014                                Theme & Location: Agriculture , Villupuram

Name of the team leader:  S.Kamalakannan and Ambedkar      Total volunteers in the camp: 9


FSL India has organized a winter camp in Villupuram District, Tamilnadu- India. It was the two weeks camp engaged among nine LTV Volunteers with team leaders. The host organization called SRISTI Foundation does work for the mentally disabled community.

Group pic 1 Hut house construction 1

Feed back from the volunteer-

 Through the channel of FSL India I had gone to attend the winter camp based on the theme of agriculture. This is my first experience in my life that I engage in this kind of manual activity. Really I felt very proud to work for the mentally disabled community. FSL has scheduled the constructive activity to involve all the volunteers in the field. Even though an agricultural work is belongs to the unorganized people, FSL made success in the pre planning and engagement. Now I able to know the steps in the agriculture through this winter camp. Probably I had a good practical knowledge about Indian style of agriculture for the sustainability. I came to know to use the agriculture based equipment like (Cro-Bar, Spade, Pixel, Hack knife, Shawl and Banal).The procedure I learnt from the winter camp is weeding, manual plough, Digging, feeding Natural manure and Sowing seeds) I hope to work more in the field of agriculture.

Hut house completedTrenches

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