Environmental Awareness Rally in Mavinakatte Village

Environmental Awareness Rally in Mavinakatte Village

The FSL India HBP team, along with a group of work camp volunteers, worked together and organised a cleanup and awareness rally in Mavinakatte village.

On 3rd March 2020, in the morning, a group of children from 4th-7th Standards from Government Middle Primary School, Mavinakatte gathered and talked about the climate change and global warming that is happening in the globe at the moment. After the discussion, they came as a group, joined with the FSL India volunteers and collected the garbage around the school and streets.

Later, we separated the waste with the help of the schoolchildren, and that waste was handed over to the Solid Liquid Resource Management Centre. The schoolchildren and volunteers very enthusiastically took part in this activity.

After the clean up, the children held up placards and shouted slogans to ‘Save Nature’.  The group of children went through the streets along with the volunteers and school teachers, to create awareness about waste management among the public in Mavinakatte Circle.

 The children made a circle among themselves and they performed a skit about Nature and also sang songs about Nature. It was the story of village life, how the rich people and bad political system are misusing the people and resources in the villages, how they are cheating the innocent people, how Nature is getting polluted, and how it is pulling down the village people to the worst living situation possible!

The awareness skit made the people to think about the conservation of nature and motivated them to act in support of environmental causes.

Overall, the schoolchildren created a meaningful awareness event day for the village people. The children’s performance was appreciated by the public and the volunteers also enjoyed the day by contributing through their service to the conservation of Nature.

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