Creating Art for Awareness

Creating Art for Awareness

How can we reach out to people, to make them reflect upon their behaviours and gain knowledge about how those behaviours effect the environment? At FSL India, we approach people in many different ways, in school sessions, writing these blog posts, creating activities to involve locals, and also using the media to reach even more people, to name some examples.

Displaying messages about a sustainable future on public wall paintings is an artsy way to gain much attention. This week, volunteers based at CEL, Shettrakatte and Kundapur painted messages on walls inside and outside of a tea shop in Mavinakatte. Encouraging bypassers to keep Mother Earth clean and protect the oceans.

After just a few days, we already received messages from the shop owner. Many people are asking about the mural paintings. They are beautiful, who made them? For what purpose, so, the shop owner quickly becomes an ambassador for spreading awareness and reflection. What will our future look like, how will the future of our children be, if we continue living the way we do now?

Humans will always have an impact on the planet. To this day, that impact has been far from only good. We have already created pollution of such amounts that there will be consequences to deal with for decades and more. Climate change causing people to even leave their homes is surely something we all need to stop and think about. What can I do? Use the car less (or not at all), eat more locally grown food. Not buy any more plastics, instead, reusing materials I already have etc.

The news that people are noticing our mural art is warmly welcomed. We have made an impact just making people stop and reflect. We will continue our work for a sustainable future and hopefully, through creating more and more awareness, more people will join – the fight for climate justice is a fight we have to all take on together!

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