CEL, a great place to stay!

CEL, a great place to stay!

Hi all, greetings from FSL India’s Centre for Experiential Living (CEL), Kundapur!

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Lately, you have been receiving different updates from the CEL team with all the successful events conducted at the Centre, such as the different summer camps, International Team Leader Training or the developments of the organic farm.

Today, FSL-India would like to introduce CEL to you as a place to stay and experience life in natural surroundings. We have different visitors and guests at the Centre throughout the year, i.e. from volunteers from all over the world and their relatives who come here to stay for a few days, to local kids who come here for games and spend some time together during their school holidays.

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The Centre has the capacity to host around 60 people in different types of rooms, from a double room to dormitories with 20 bunk beds each. Toilets are shared; however, the ground floor is for male guests and the first floor for female guests. The Centre has a nice kitchen, where vegetarian meals are provided daily and non-vegetarian food can be arranged on request.

However, the main question is why come to CEL and not anywhere else?

First of all, the location – we are placed at Shetrakatte, a small village in the rural area of coastal Karnataka, where you can experience what we call ‘the deep Indian experience’. The Centre is surrounded by coconut and mango trees, and the flora and fauna that you can witness here is breathtaking!

Secondly, the prices and quality of service – the prices are quite affordable while ensuring the facilities match Western standards. WiFi is provided for our guests, as also western toilets, a highly hygienic, well equipped kitchen and lovely people staying at the Centre day and night. For approx. 5 euros (Rs 350) per day, a room and 3 meals are provided.

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Last  but  not  the  least,  the  learning  opportunities and the wonderful experience FSL-India can provide you with – whenever you are staying at the Centre as a guest, you will always have the opportunity of helping the team with the organic farm, teaching English to the local kids, participating in community visits to the neighbouring houses or helping in the kitchen while learning Indian cuisine. FSL-India stands for community living principles, through which anyone staying at the Centre should be ready to support any of the activities carried out at our Centre, to develop together.

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As an example of the Centre’s success, here is the feedback from some of our guests: ‘Everybody is smiling at you, the animals are sweet and the food delicious’, ‘Now we can understand how our daughter is happy here’ or ‘Thank you for giving the opportunity to discover the fantastic work FSL is doing in Shetrakatte and the chance to participate in the agriculture work’.

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Please feel  free  to   contact us to find out more about our location, prices and availability. FSL-India is looking forward to having more people here benefiting from this living experience!

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