6th Sea Turtle nest at Kodi Beach, Kundapur !!!

6th Sea Turtle nest at Kodi Beach, Kundapur !!!

We’re pleased to announce the 6th Oliver Ridley nest that has been reported on 11th Feb. Our Contact Person, a local fisherman found the nest at 5.40 am. All 6 sea turtle nests are within a 800 metre distance along Kodi Beach, Kundapura. With the help of the Forest Department and Clean Kundapura Project (CKP) volunteers, our staff deployed a protective net around the nest along with a Caution notice sign.

The following morning, some local dogs have ripped the caution notice sign! Luckily, the nest is safe. Hope they do not come back to dig into the nest.

The red net is only a stop gap solution, Research shows that if a turtle eggs incubate below 81.86 Fahrenheit, the turtle hatchlings will be male. If the eggs incubate above 87.8° Fahrenheit, the hatchlings will be female. Temperatures that fluctuate between the two extremes will produce a mix of male and female baby turtles. So, we will be changing the net with a more transparent one.

Researchers have also noted that the warmer the sand, the higher the ratio of female turtles. As the Earth experiences climate change, increased temperatures could result in skewed and even lethal incubation conditions, which would impact turtle species and other reptiles.

If anyone is interested to volunteer in our Sea Turtle Conservation project, write to us for more info at: info@fsl-india.org

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