Volunteer Voice: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to have seen everything”

Volunteer Voice: “We are very grateful for the opportunity to have seen everything”

We were in Mysore, India, last weekend with Mr. Dinesha. We met him at the railway station and took the overnight train. We checked in at the guest house to get some sleep for a couple of hours. Then we visited the Shri Chamundeshwari temple in the morning and got to experience the first temple visit of our lives. There was a local guy who showed us the temple and explained the rituals and customs of the temple. So, we spent most of our time around the temple and walked to the Shiva temple. Finally, we took a picture in front of the evil Mahishasura Statue, which was demolished by Goddess Chamundi.

Then we went to Mysuru Palace and spent some time there. Then we went to the market and walked around to see the stalls. We went to the Anjaneya temple and watched the pilgrims’ rituals, after which the temple priest gave us some rice baths. We went home after that to relax before we went to see the light in Mysuru Palace. We got dinner and were very tired but happy about how the day went.

The next day, we visited Bylakuppe Golden Temple and watched a Buddhist pooja ceremony with a lot of monks. After that, we visited the Buddha Vihar, took some pictures, and interacted with the monks. Next, we visited Dubaare Elephant Camp and Nagarahole National Park. We saw a lot of animals and birds, like deer, vultures, elephants, peacocks, and antelope. After that, we came back to Mysore so that we could be ready for the light in Mysuru Palace. It was beautiful, and we watched a couple of elephants inside the palace. Then we were tired, so we took rest in our rooms and headed to the railway station. We had dinner before the train went back to Mangalore.

This weekend has been so great. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have seen everything. We were tired when we went to bed, but that was fine because the days have been so nice with all the cultural things from India. We had a great time and laughed a lot.

We want to say thank you very much for everything the people in FSL India have done for us. And thank you for helping us with all the issues we had. We want to say an extra thank you to Mr. Dinesha for taking us on adventures during the weekends and for taking care of us. We are so grateful to all of you! That could be so nice. Otherwise, we just want to say thank you very much for all that you have done. So happy for you!

By Nora, Julie S, Nora M, Rose D and Fanny M (Nursing interns from Denmark)

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