The Joy of seeing the results of our efforts: It was hard, but joyful, rather than hard -The 24th Happy Move Camp at Anantapur, India

The Joy of seeing the results of our efforts: It was hard, but joyful, rather than hard -The 24th Happy Move Camp at Anantapur, India

Hello Everyone…

Namaste to India!!!

We are all the “24th Happy Move Camp” South Korean Volunteers, and our team leaders are Mr Moon Hyun-Yung and Ms Jae-Hun from Team: 1

First of all, we were happy to be accepted as a part of the members for the 24th Happy Move Camp, but there was a little fear coming to India. We worked from 7th – 17th January 2020 at schools, and built community toilets in two villages: Guttur and Kurubavandanapalli, in Penukonda Mandala, Anantapur district, which was very close to the KIA Motors Company.

With the help of our ‘’Little Touches’’ we have seen bright and colourful changes of the village and the school atmosphere. We felt proud when we saw the mural paintings on the school walls and how they get changed! It was great to teach something while serving with the children, the smiles of the local people, and the purity of the children. We became more accustomed to our routine and became acquainted with the children who were educated, and the Indian students, who lived with us. In particular, the flowers and gifts received from the children on the last day at the village will never be forgotten!

It was our first overseas service and we started interacting with the Indian people about the local educational system, lifestyle of villagers, and their culture. We have enjoyed ourselves, and it was more empowered to be nice and sincere with the work and the local people. The FSL India team leader and mentors who came to serve together were good in that they served happily, and they made great memories. 

When we first saw the appearance, we were suspicious whether ‘we could do it’. But we were so happy to learn more about what we expected by trying to shout with positive and energetic sounds, together with the team.

We were so grateful to everyone and it is amazing to talk to and get to know many people in such a short time. They were precious days that we might not have again in our life time!!!

We would like to express our appreciation to our Team leader Manju and Artist Nanda, the FSL India leaders who have always been with us during the 10 days of our volunteer service. The time which we spent will remain with us a precious memory.

We are very sincerely thankful to KIA Motor Company, Better World and FSL India organisations for giving us this opportunity. In this Happy Move, our meaningful happiness was created and it was a very wonderful moment to meet in a new environment and feel happiness as a person with a group, instead of being alone.

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