Summer Project at De Mercede – May 2019: Ruth Hamschmidt, Germany

Summer Project at De Mercede – May 2019: Ruth Hamschmidt, Germany

As the summer holidays for the government schools in India last 8 weeks, all the volunteers from FSL-India’s teaching project were sent to a summer project. Paula, Luka, Tabea and I went  to an orphanage called De Mercedes orphanage in Deralakatte, near Mangalore.

Our tasks were to teach some English or Maths to the children, paint the windows on the roof as well as some cupboards, to stitch the uniforms for the children for the new school year, and to play with them in their free time. We played some Indian games like ‘Lagori’, as well as some activities like a treasure hunt and some dancing classes. 

There were about 10-15 children in the orphanage, but the number changed continually. Of course, we needed some time in the beginning to get to know the children and to adjust to the new working and living situation, but we felt at home really fast.

The children have a lot of energy and were smiling and laughing all the time. It was so much fun to be around them and we will definitely miss them when we have to leave for the holidays. 

As most of us lived with a Hindu family previously, it was an interesting change to spend some time in a Catholic community.

I am really grateful to have the opportunity to try out a second project and to spend time with other volunteers. 

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