SH-19 Final Evaluation-February-2020 – Dinesh Saranga, Chief Coordinator, LTV-Kundapur, FSL India

SH-19 Final Evaluation-February-2020 – Dinesh Saranga, Chief Coordinator, LTV-Kundapur, FSL India

LTV team-Kundapura organised a Final-Evaluation for our SH-19 Long Term Volunteers from Germany. For me, this was the 8th Final Evaluation as a bulk group. The group was small, but very motivated. All of them were placed in Karnataka state, so they spoke good Kannada from what I observed between the sessions.

The program was held for 2 days, 13th and 14th February 2020. In total, 4 volunteers from AFS took part in this evaluation. The FE was organised at FSL India’s Centre for Experiential Living. The objective of the FE is to assess the impact of our volunteers’ contributions towards their project and the extent of their intercultural acceptance within their host families and the community.  

The LTV Kundapur team organised different activities on the first day i.e. sessions about 1 year feedback, experience in the project and Host Family and collated the impact. We also conducted some games for group bonding and some energisers. The volunteers shared their feelings and got motivated.

All the sessions were very interesting. They explained about the situation before coming to India, the seminar in Germany, after 9 months in India, their struggles in India and what they most appreciate, what they miss in India, how their Indian HF has reacted differently than a German family would have, their understanding on the differences in reaction, what they have learnt about the local culture from their host family, in what way they have been able to influence their host family and the challenges faced. At the end, the volunteers gave their collective feedback.

We, all LTV staff, consider this evaluation to be a success going by the volunteers’ feedback. Despite the challenges, everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.

Final Feedback:

  • Good food
  • Great last talks
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • More games
  • Nice topics
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