Seashore Plantation Drive, Kundapura.

Seashore Plantation Drive, Kundapura.

For the last two years FSL India has been planning a seashore plantation in kundapura!

The area where the sea turtle nesting takes place, on the Kodi beach is exposed to light pollution, which distract the hatchling from reaching the Sea. To help prevent this from happening in the future, FSL India decided to have a sea shore plantation drive to build a Green Cover.

On our 75th Independence Day, FSL- India planted trees and vines that spontaneously grow on the seashore line as the first step in preventing sea erosion and Green Cover for the Sea Turtle Nesting Ground. 

The event was special because we were able to plant trees with the help of the local people.  Representatives of the Department of Forests, CKP, CRZ Department, Local Youth, Lions club Amrithadara Kundapura Municipality and local fishermen participated with FSL – India after which the cleanup team of the CKP 100th week program helped clean up the same planting area and collected more than 30 bags of trash.

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