Parents Meeting at Tent School

Parents Meeting at Tent School

15Tent Schools are the initiatives of FSL India under Home Based Project (HBP). Many families migrate to Kundapur in search of livelihood. These families setup tents as their temporary homes. The children who move with their parents end up missing education. FSL India started Tent Schools in and around Kundapur to provide basic education to the children. The project aims to educate these children and motivate them to join regular school.

Tent Schools are effectively functioning with international long term volunteers. Recently one of the leading German Newspaper featured news article on Tent Schools. FSL India team along with long term volunteers conducted parents meeting at Navayuga tent school with a view to interacting with the families living in the tents and discussed on issues regarding their health and hygiene.

26The place where the meeting was conducted is now kept clean and tidy. This improvement is due to the awareness created by the volunteers and FSL India staff. People have also cleansed the water tank as a result of the awareness created on health and hygiene. Earlier they never used to feel the importance of cleanliness. Following are some of the changes brought about as an impact of the health education imparted by the Long Term Volunteers and the staff of FSL India.

• People are washing their clothes and take initiatives to keep their surrounding clean.
• The parents taken interest to send their children to Tent School clean and neatly dressed.
• Children also get into the habit of washing their hands before and after taking food and take bath regularly.

Totally 15 families along with children participated in the meeting. Volunteers such as Miss Meret, Miss Maria and HBP team of FSL India Mr. Manjunath, Miss Shalini and Miss Manjula facilitated the meeting and educated the parents and children on health and hygiene.

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