Parenting- A Vital Role…

Parenting- A Vital Role…

Parents have very important role to create a good future for their children and parenting is have a vital role in the growth of children, a good parenting supports the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

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To support parents FSL-India, Shetrakatte team organized a training on parenting with collaboration of KMC Manipal psychiatric social work department team on 24th January – 2017 for local mothers on parenting styles.

Session was begin with knowing the children behaviors, issues, challenges, how to deal with children.

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The mothers who attended the training highly enjoyed the session, shared their challenges and frustrations, learned from the suggestions given by the resource people. In this 3-hour session, women discussed about their daily life challenges while dealing with their children, personal and family mental well-being and resources they can make use to overcome from their difficulties.

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It was not easy to mobilize women in this area since they are not used to leave home at all. It is important the joy they left with our training centre and, hopefully, they will spread their knowledge among others in the community.

We are grateful to the group ‘Recogida de fondos por India’ for sponsoring this program for our local women.

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