Our Time at Kundapura! – Linda Pederzolli, Italy & Hanan Aboushakra, Sweden

Our Time at Kundapura! – Linda Pederzolli, Italy & Hanan Aboushakra, Sweden

Hello, I’m Linda and I’m Hanan!!!!

Our day starts at 7 o’clock in our host family, when it’s already day. In the morning, we usually wash our clothes, spend time and play with our house siblings and then, after the pooja, we eat breakfast all together. Indian breakfast is different every day: Dosa, Idly, Upittu, Chapati, Poori and more and more tasty dishes.

As we are neighbours, we can go everyday together to work. We take the bus near the Flower Market, in Kundapura, in the direction of Shettrakatte, where the FSL-India’s Centre for Experiential Living is placed.

We are involved in the Social Entrepreneurship project, so together with the staff, we find out some ideas to support the local community about social and environmental issues.

One example is, we raise awareness among the students on many current topics such as global warming, gender equality and find ways to support the tent school project with making and selling our paper products.

During our free time, we have many opportunities: we travel around Karnataka, we go together for a movie to the cinema, we go shopping and also we get involved in the local beach cleaning movement, along with FSL-India staff and many other volunteers.

Now it’s monsoon time, so we always need to be ready to open the umbrellas on time, to close the window of the bus, or suddenly to find a shelter. But we are not afraid: whenever the rain stops, everything starts going on as usual, and we go on walking.

The life, the food, the different feelings and the experience here are so positive, that we would never leave this place!

We feel the FSL-India staff is as our family and the people around us and along our road are so friendly and welcoming. We also built a super strong friendship between each other and between our family members. We are enjoying a lot!!!

 It’s so nice to have such a beautiful feeling for this place and we hope for future volunteers to have a great experience here!

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