Our chickens have healthily been born in Training Centre!

Our chickens have healthily been born in Training Centre!

It is of great happiness for us to tell you that our chickens were born in these past two days after 21-22 days of incubation in Training Center.


Both hens we have here are quite of young mothers so they are still learning how to incubate the eggs but, after a our-chickens-have-healthily-2couple of trials, one of them successfully got 10 baby chickens (out of 12 eggs) and the other one is in her first incubation week of 11 eggs, which we hope to be a great success as the other one.

Chickens are a really important component in an organic farm. Obviously, apart from providing us from eggs and meat, they provide the land with loads of nutrients through compost (‘chicken pooh’). Moreover, they air the soil while searching for buried insects or worms and they help in pest control (of ants and other insects, for example).

We are looking forward to seeing them growing well and helping our Training Center to become the integrated organic farm we want. We always need an extra hand so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to join our SAP-K project for some days, weeks or months!

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