My India Experience – Julieta Blanco, Coordinator, Subir al Sur, Argentina

My India Experience – Julieta Blanco, Coordinator, Subir al Sur, Argentina

My India experience was absolutely delightful, and with many unexpected feelings. I traveled as Subir al Sur’s coordinator and with my role, I previously had the chance of prepare some of the materials and schedules with the FSL team. That part was already good for me, because FSL were really responsive and receptive to our requirements and needs. I was really anxious anyway of seeing what could happen there, in the field, and I really couldn’t imagine really what was it going to be.

The unexpected twists of the travel were probably the most happy moments for me: staying in the village, sleeping with the families in their own house, playing with the kids in the streets was as easy and flowing as breathing. I had that kind of feelings when I was a child. Nowadays, with the lifestyle I’m having in this urban city of Buenos Aires, I don’t have the chance to experience that kind of surprises and lively way of living, so for me, it was a really lively period of sharing with kind and open people (not only my colleagues, but also the nice people that received us). 

The villagers were amazing with us, and I think, the group also hugged them as one of them. I felt like everyone was comfortable. People from Argentina didn’t know much English, but they could communicate anyway, because communication, it seems, is not only with words, and it’s not only verbal. We can communicate with hugs, with sounds, with dances, we can share our country’s dance steps and not saying even a word and just laugh all day, like the day we were playing with the kids in the rural area, in their neighbourhood. I saw how we all prayed together without knowing a single word in their language, but prayer was the same. India was delightful, one of the most colorful experiences I have ever lived.

(From 30th September to 15th October, 15 Argentinian youth from Universidad Siglo 21, Buenos Aires visited ODP-Mysore and Hunsur to participate in FSL-India’s work camp. The theme of the camp was Culture, Education and Nature. The Argentinian youth had an educational and inspiring time during their 3 weeks in India.)

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