Model Village Project – Chennai

Model Village Project – Chennai

Formation of VDC (Village Development Committee)

Out of the 8 villages in the Model Village Project (MVP), Irungatukottai village will be the first where the development activities will be initiated. A big step in this direction is the formation of a Village Development Committee (VDC) in each village by FSL-India. Each VDC consists of a core committee comprised of Panchayath members, Ward members, School headmaster, Youth association, Village administrative officer, Village Health Nurse, SHG (self Help Group) members, FSL-India staff and Hyundai Motors. The VDC will meet once every month to hold discussions related to the selection of beneficiaries for various activities, collection of contributions, monitoring activities for quality, timely completion and review of the progress of the MVP. By forming the VDC, we hope to ensure participation of villagers, quality of activities, social acceptance and sustainability.

On 5th April, FSL-India held the first VDC meeting in Irungatukottai village, which was attended by 23 members. The VDC held a discussion and passed resolutions on the following topics:

1- Objectives of the VDC and the Roles and Responsibilties of the VDC members.

2- Objectives of the different core areas of MVP – Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Village infrastructure, Women and children development etc.

3- Initiation of “Income Generation Programs” and identification of beneficiaries.

4- Solid Waste Management system to be implemented in the village.

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