Mental Health – Importance of Stress Management.

Mental Health – Importance of Stress Management.

As part of community building and awareness on mental health the FSL India Kundapura team conducted an online meeting on Stress Management on the 24th of September, 2021. It took place through google meet and was conducted for the teachers and host family members.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation we couldn’t have a face to face meeting. Mr. Manjunath presented PPT’s on stress. He explained how from the past two years lockdown has changed life and how to come out from the stressed life right now.

This pandemic situation has made everyone’s life a disaster. Through this meeting our facilitator made us aware of how to lead a stress free life and at the same time to stay in contact with others in a healthy way.

To conclude, this type of meeting is necessary to have a meaningful and stress free life and balance through our profession. 

-CP, Moodugiliyaru School

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