LTV Kundapur Orientation – FSL India’s volunteers joined with Dasara procession, October 2019

LTV Kundapur Orientation – FSL India’s volunteers joined with Dasara procession, October 2019

In the month of October 2019, FSL India Kundapur hosted 3 Long Term Volunteers from Germany and Japan at our CEL (Centre for Experiential Living), Kundapur. The volunteers attended different practical, theoretical and outdoor sessions for their successful journey in India and actively took part in each session.

The FSL India facilitators took extra care in organising this Orientation, in which some sessions included Conflict Management, Roles and Responsibilities, Culture and Indian Lifestyle, Safety Guidelines information, project introduction and preparation with the coordinator.

The roles and responsibilities session started with asking questions on the definition of volunteerism and the required qualities for a volunteer. They really enjoyed this session which was designed like a group activity. They also liked the energisers and group bonding games during the Orientation period and found them a lot of fun.

Every evening FSL India’s staff organised different events for the exchange of ICL (intercultural learning) like Henna application and watching a Bollywood movie. We also organised some cultural activities in their free time, like a tour to Kundapur.

In the second part of the sessions, our volunteers were asked to discuss their roles and responsibilities towards different stakeholders. During the Kundapura visit, they watched the Dasara Procession on the main road of Kundapura. They enjoyed themselves a lot during the procession. It consisted of many cultural activities like a dance, a skit and a tableaux performed by a group of people from all over South India.

Our volunteers took many pictures of the procession, FSL India’s projects and Host Family. After the volunteer’s presentation, FSL India’s facilitator presented the Roles and Responsibilities of FSL India’s Coordinator, the Project and Host Family towards the volunteers. In general, good guidance, feedback, enough work, support, food and safety are being given to them.

From the feedback received from our volunteers, we gather that this orientation was a success. Everything worked well and we are really satisfied with our work and the results.

Some feedback:

  • Thanks for all
  • Very good food
  • Nice movie and good Nature
  • Nice people here and friendly
  • Could prepare for project
  • Thanks and Nandri

Nanako Japan: We had a lot of sessions in 3 days. On the second day, we went to Kundapura to watch the procession while Kundapura visit, so it was great to see lots of tradition and dance along with procession. Accommodation is so cool, with real nature. The staff is very is very nice and food it was nice.

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