Insa returns to India

Insa returns to India

      Insa Lautzas, an ex long-term volunteer (LTV) from Germany volunteered at Seon Ashram Trust from September 2012 to August 2013. She returned to her project during the month of March, 2014 and writes about her experiences of her visit back.

      “From September 2012 to August 2013 I did a 1 Year Volunteer-Service at “Seon Ashram Trust”. This is a place for people who have no one to stay with. Most of them are mentally ill, old aged , physically challenged, widows or orphans.

Insa with patient at Seon ashram

        There I made many experiences, impressions, friends and lots of memories. For me it was not easy to come back to my “previous life” in Germany. There were so many stories in my head, which I´ve permanently remembered.  Suddenly I have noticed all the things which I had done differently during the last months. Before coming to India, my plan was to study protestant theology. This has never changed, so I started my studies at the University in Kiel.
      Quickly the first semester came to an end and I had holidays: My chance to visit Seon Ashram Trust!  I spontaneously took this chance and booked the flight to India!

Holi in Seon Ashram with students.


I have been missing so many people, I have been thinking and worrying about this place so many times… 

      Now, after only 6 months, I am there again and I am enjoying my 1 month visit a lot. It feels like I haven´t been away. I am very happy to see everyone again. Of course some things are different than before, but not much.
Seon Ashram Trust is not an easy place for volunteers. I am sad to see the conditions and all the problems…                Sometimes I am desperate, because I cannot change some things, which really should be improved. But when you get to know the inmates and the work (which is really useful and needed here) – than you can feel so much at home!

 Holi in Seon Ashram with inmates and students.       

      I have a lot of fun spending my time with all the people. I take care of the disabled  children, do activities with the adults and give attention to the inmates. I have many plans but won´t be able to do them all during my short stay. I feel attached and close to this place very much, so I am sure that I will be back soon!

       I also wish to keep in touch with FSL-India. Good luck for your future and especially for the Seon Ashram Trust– Volunteers.”

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