Volunteer Voice: A Second home

Volunteer Voice: A Second home

My time in India was overwhelmingly wonderful, diverse and challenging. Never in my life have I been pulled out of my comfort zone so many times and never in my life have I grown and evolved so much as an individual.

I spent 10 months living with an amazing and super loving host family in Kundapura who became very close to my heart. My project was working in a primary school, mostly teaching basic english and maths in the most creative way possible. Even though it wasn’t always easy because the circumstances were so different from Germany, the children eventually began to my heart completely. It was such a valuable thing having spent so much time with them, watching them develop new skills and supporting their talents.

This year was filled with so many beautiful and memorable moments I will always be grateful for. Moments of joy, love and laughter that filled my heart so deeply. I traveled the county many times and got blessed with new friends, amazing memories and the most beautiful landscapes.
However, I also went through phases of feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed, questioning my decisions and having to push through the variety of challenges I was facing. India didn’t always give me what I wanted, but it gave me exactly what I needed. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

My visions became more clear.
I learned to set boundaries.
I got incredibly inspired.
My ideas on how to love and care for myself have risen so much.
I became more clear on what I want in life and what I don’t want.
I got taught so many life lessons.
I have grown and evolved a lot further into the person I am longing to be.

India truly became a second home to me. This country will always carry a special place in my heart and all these memories I made will most likely stay a lifetime.

By Sophia Winter ( AFS – FSL India, LTV Volunteer)

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