India so far..

India so far..

My overall experience of India is very positive!
After the first weeks of constant confrontation with new things I got to see all the beautiful things about Indian culture, people and the land. Because literally everything is different to Germany it was obviously a lot to handle in the first place, though I had a very warm welcome and felt home soon!

Indian people have been so welcoming and open towards me and for that I am very thankful. I got to learn so much about different habits, manners and languages. Also I already saw many different places and I had the chance to travel with local people, which made me even more excited to see more of the country!

The friends I made and the people who take care of me put a lot of effort in teaching me their way of living and gave me the best experiences possible.
Lastly I am obviously very happy about the food, the nature and diversity of adventures you can have here!
I am very glad I chose to live in India for one year!

By Mona (FSL-AFS, Long Term Volunteer)

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