Happy Move Camp 2014

Happy Move Camp 2014

      Our 12th Happy Move Camp (HMC) 2014 kick started on the 16th of January and lasted till the 27th of January. Collaborating with us was Better World, South Korea, Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea) and Hyundai Motor Company (India).P1350662

      The HMC was run in two phases across villages in the Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. 130 volunteers joined us for the first phase, and 131 volunteers joined us for the second phase. They undertook work such as educational activities with regards to the arts, sports and hygiene, as well as renovation and construction of bathrooms, floors, walls, kitchens at schools and the community hall and more.


      In addition to the above work, the HMC team also took part in intercultural learning through Indo-Korean workshops and forums amongst other events. 


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