FSL India Hosted the Second Batch of 8th Happy Move Global Youth Camp

FSL India Hosted the Second Batch of 8th Happy Move Global Youth Camp

118FSL India has been implementing CSR projects, titled Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers and Model Village (MVP) in Tamil Nadu. FSL India is currently hosing 8th Happy Move Global Youth Camp for South Korean Volunteers. The program is intended to serve the communities of Sriperumbudur and Kanchipuram districts. It supported by Hyundai Motors Company (HMC) as part of corporate social responsibility so as to establish closer ties with the local communities.

Under the ‘Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers’ program, HMC, annually South Korea sends a total of 500 volunteers to FSL India. In addition they also send 20 Korean doctors and specialists. These Korean volunteers organise medical camps, health awareness campaign, education and renovation work in schools and villages.

211FSL India hosted the Second Batch of 8th Happy Move Global Youth Camp in Chennai which started on 4th February 2012 and concluded 16th February 2012. Totally 88 Korean volunteers, 18 Hyundai Graduate Engineer Trainees (Indian participants), 9 nurses and ten-member team of FSL India participated. All together 125 volunteers participated in this global event.

The program was started with Indian traditional inauguration and welcome by the FSL India team headed by Mr. Arun the Manger of Chennai Facility Centre. After the formal inauguration the team facilitated orientation for the volunteers about the camp and conducted team building exercise at Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI). From 6th February onwards the volunteers started to work on renovation and education activities in three villages. One team of volunteers along with the doctors conducted medical camp in seven villages that are around Hyundai Motor India in Sriperumbudur block of Kancheepuram District.

39The volunteers undertook education and renovation activities in three villages such at Puduperu, Pennalur and Kattrampakkam. Medical and health camps were organised in eight villages such as Ayyappanthangal, Subathra Nagar, Kancheepuram, Pondur, Thirumazhisai, Maduramangalam and Thandalam. Besides, the following special events were organised by FSL India team during the Happy Move Global Youth Camp.

Welcome Dinner: Indian traditional welcome with offering of jasmine flowers/garlands, besmearing of vermilion and Chandan paste on forehead and served the most favored and popular Indian dish such as Biriyani and sweet Pongal.

Team Building: FSL India team facilitated team building exercise by which the global volunteers played many Indian and Korean games. The volunteers could interact and built relationship with Indian volunteers.

47INKO (Indo-Korean) Workshop and Forum: In this workshop, the Indian team conducted inter-cultural exchange between Korean and Indian volunteer. In this cultural event the Indian volunteers taught the Korean volunteers on how to make Rangoli, Chapatti, wear Saree and practice Yoga.

Screening of India Movie: FSL India team screened Indian movies highlighting Indian cultural, Indian love, affection as well as Indian traditional game Kabadi.

Visit to Kancheepuram and Chennai: Volunteers also visited many temples in Chennai and Kancheepuram and enjoyed every bit of moment as for many it was the first experience. They also visited Spencer Plaza in to Chennai and purchased herbal products, sweets and Indian clothes.

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