Forming our first SLAC (Social Leadership Action Circle)

Forming our first SLAC (Social Leadership Action Circle)

Our team of facilitators conducted the Social Leadership Workshop on 18th and 19th Feb for a group of 18 college students from Milagres College (Kalyanpur), Laxmi Soma Bangera college (Kota), Rukmini Shedthi Memorial college (Barkur).

The facilitator’s engaged participants in discussions which resulted in some impactful learnings and reflections:

Number Punch activity

  • A leader does not necessarily always lead. Sometimes a leader has to follow others.
  • Remember that others are following you as well. Your actions matter.
  • What makes a leader successful? Can a Leader be Perfect?

Blind Lunch:

  • What is Empathy? Why is it important to go beyond Sympathy?

Community Line:

  • What is Personal Social Responsibility? Each of us has a responsibility towards our community.

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was the formation of our first SLAC (Social Leadership Action Circle). 4 groups were formed under SLAC to execute the following projects – Sea Turtle Conservation, Plastic and Waste Management, Child Labour, and Water Conservation.

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