Current free Lightening work to the villagers @ Vallam Panchayat

Current free Lightening work to the villagers @ Vallam Panchayat


FSL INDIA- Known for its innovation and transformation of the life style with the utilization of available resources in order to standardize the promoted activity such as installation of current free lightening work in Dark kitchen rooms.


As a part of CSR initiative with the Apollo Tyre- Anemia control and Hygiene promotion project Fsl India as an implementing agency has promoted the current free lightening work in the dark kitchen rooms for the BPL – Below poverty Line families 4 nos. Ms.Panchali w/o Kumar, Ms. Fathima w/o Thamin bash, Ms. Anchali w/o Sivamani and Ms. Selvi w/o Manigandan. These families were constructed with the kitchen shelves and walls to provide space management Hygienic maintainance. Though inorder as a value added to that vital action has been once again implemented by fixing of transparent fiber sheet to get natural light.

Though it’s an experimental activity done by the team, the impact has made the positive feedback among the community people and also it seems to be easily adaptable and affordable by the BPL families specifically lives in the petty hut houses without electricity.

Henceforth the women folk has strong belief that, they can cook safe food to serve the family with joy and peace.


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