Covid19 Relief – Vaccination Drive

Covid19 Relief – Vaccination Drive

With the spreading of awareness in local areas and schools regarding the importance of being vaccinated, the covid vaccination drives that have been held over the last few months have seen a great increase in the number of vaccinations with the help of Asha Karyakartas and local volunteers.

Despite the many challenges in the beginning as the public were scared, unsure and many did not want to get vaccinated due to certain reasons, the awarnesss sessions on the importance of Vaccines conducted by FSL, helped the public become more confident, understanding and responsible. This was seen even as several of them called the Asha Karyakartas sharing with them details of family members who needed to be vaccinated, and also to get more information on vaccines and the vaccination drives taking place.

With over 9067 vaccinations completed so far for individuals from ages 15 and above through local initiatives and schools in our Panchayath, our vaccination drive Is still going strong!

We are thankful for the opportunity to support the local Panchayat with the drives, PHC Vandse for sponsoring, and the local volunteers for all their assistance!

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