Contact Person and Host Family Workshop – Kundapur and Mangalore

Contact Person and Host Family Workshop – Kundapur and Mangalore

FSL India, LTV team organised a “Contact Person and Host Family Workshop” on 15th November 2019 at FSL India’s CEL (Centre for Experiential Living), Kundapur for both Udupi and Mangalore zones. Totally, 52 participants including the contact person and host families from different places attended the workshop. The workshop started with energisers and games, and the participants enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun.

The CPHF workshop mainly focused on safety, group discussion on how best the host family and FSL India’s project can involve volunteers in their place, suggestions and feedback on the host families. They also discussed about the creation of a new advisory committee at the zonal level and the Cultural Event at Heskathur School, for which all the volunteers were invited. FSL India’s LTV Program Handbook, Volunteers Contract and On-arrival Agreement forms were distributed.

During the first session, our Deputy Director started off with explaining about the volunteering program structure and he asked questions to the participants – Why and How Volunteering is applied to the projects in India. So, it was a long discussion with all the participants and it was gratifying t note that most of them were aware of the reason for the volunteers’ arrival in India. After that, he explained about the procedure of selecting volunteers, checking their profile/volunteer application, placement in our projects, the pre departure training that is conducted by our partners, our orientation, the cultural events that we organise, how we mentor our volunteers and the reports that we prepare.

So, during this session, there was a lot of interaction with the project contact persons and host families. Some of the relevant points were taken up for our Program Development. FSL-India was very appreciative that the contact persons know more about the roles and responsibilities towards volunteer safety.

The participants divided into 2 groups each in the host family and project. The session was done in smaller groups, so that the maximum information could be collected. The participants read the documents and questions about the  volunteers’ activity in the project, how volunteers facilitate in Host Family Intercultural Learning (ICL) the outcomes and challenges. The participants discussed all these aspects in the group and highlighted some important points. Each group worked well and came up with a lot of feedback and suggestions.

At the end of the work shop, the Chief Coordinator of Kundapura Region thanked every participant of the work shop. The participants enjoyed the games, energisers and group discussion and were able to overcome their prejudices.

Some feedback:

Sadashiva, Govt. Higher Primary School, Vandse : This is my first time to conduct a CP Workshop. The workshop gave me a lot of information about the volunteers’ Roles and Responsibilities and the process of Why and How they are coming to India. I got to know FSL India and how they work with the volunteers. Also, it was nice to see other project contact persons and know about their projects with the volunteers. I am so happy that our school got good volunteers.

Annapoorna, Host Family, Shettrakatte: I am very happy with this workshop and it was different than last year. It is my 4th workshop. I am happy with FSL India’s programs and their volunteers’ relationship with our family.

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