Children Parliament

Children Parliament

FSL India is an implementing agency of CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility initiative with Apollo Tyre,India’s Leading vehicle tyre manufacturing company at  Oragadam.


FSL India- Known for  transformation of Intellectual concepts among the school children. This has emerged now in the systematic approach Called Children Parliament an organized group between the school children for capacity building and Cultivating the Leadership Quality. Children are streamlined into an organized groups and they were splitted into the sub committees such as Education, Environment, Water and Sanitation, Health And Nutrition. The students were elected through the voting system and given the responsibilities as per the committee.


Children Parliament was formed in 7 Government schools in Sennakuppam, Oragadam, Mathur, Vallam and Eraiyur in  the month of June 2016. Followup session was conducted in September. The main objective is not only to educate but also make them responsible to make their school ‘A CLEAN SCHOOL’.There were 120 above children were covered in this chidren Parliament sessions. The feedback received from the school management is positive. The teachers have been observing the behavourial changes among the children.

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