Case Study: Yemmanur, Tent School Child – Parashurama, Father

Case Study: Yemmanur, Tent School Child – Parashurama, Father

I am Parashurama, a labourer from Katapura, Kopla District. Due to unemployment, I came to Kundapur in search of suitable work 7 years ago. I have 2 children and both of them are unable to attend a regular school.

My eldest child is a son, Yemannur. He has a birth defect of weak and paralysed limbs since birth. So, I cannot send him to a regular school like other children. We are very fortunate to have FSL-India’s school within our community. I want my son to be educated, so I send him to the Tent School every day.

Now, there are 10 children in the school, including my son. My 3 year old daughter Nageshwari also attends the Tent School. She has learnt English and Kannada alphabets, and also some songs.

My son did not know how to write as his arms were also very weak and he was unable to hold the pencil firmly. Now, after 7 years at FSL-India’s Tent School, he is able to write Kannada and English alphabets. He also recites nursery rhymes, recognises colours and body parts, recites and recognise numbers 1-10, the days of the week the names of the different months, fruits and vegetables.

He has learnt good manners – he says ‘Good morning, Please and Thank you’. The other children learn from him – he is their role model. I am very grateful to the organisation for giving this learning opportunity to both my children.

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