BMZ Quarterly Evaluation, Nov. 2009

BMZ Quarterly Evaluation, Nov. 2009

Last month saw the first quarterly evaluation of this year’s new Weltwärts batch that arrived mostly in August and September. For some few volunteers, who arrived with Weltwärts in January, it was the second event.

Weltwärts (“world-wards”) is a program by the German BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) that sends young, open-minded Germans into countries like ours. FSL-India is proud to currently host 27 Weltwärts volunteers, who all stay for a year and contribute enormously to their projects and to our organization.

Since Weltwärts is a government program, certain special rules apply to these volunteers, such as the need of progress evaluations every three months. We haven taken this requirement and used it to organize an event worth remembering.

For three days BMZ volunteers, working in different places all over South India, talked about their experiences in their projects, host families and Indian life. They exchanged ideas, they had close conversations with their FSL mentors, and overall they had a great time – as indicated by the lack of sleep and surge of coffee consumption. Overall FSL is very happy with the insights gained at this evaluation event. We know that we’re far from perfect and need your feedback to grow and improve.

Download – BMZ Quarterly 2009 (PDF, 3MB)

We have compiled this document that contains all of your feedback and our responses to them. Please feel free to comment.


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