BMZ Mid Term Evaluation – March

BMZ Mid Term Evaluation – March

Mid-term evaluation was held between 18th-20th March for NH14 BMZ/IJFD volunteers who arrived between the month of September to November. Aim of the MTE is to evaluate the volunteer’s Learnings & contributions in order to develop appropriate strategies to attain quality results. Evaluation seminars are conducted for Weltwerts pax to evaluate the progress made in project based on the expected outcome and also to make space for volunteers to identify and express the new learning/ knowledge/ skills gained during the program and to reflect on how it can be helpful in the future.


There were total 31 volunteers and nine staff participated in this MTE which was organized in FSL- India youth training center at Kundapur. Different sessions were conducted such as inter culture learning in the host families, friends in the local community, project evaluation by graph method, personal development and outlook on the future and discussed on safety of the volunteers. Separate session was conducted to reflect on depth of the intercultural learning and impacts using Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Some of the examples were shared how community have influenced by placement of volunteers and explained about outcome of the ICL experienced by the locals by hosting international volunteers. Some of the important observations were shared by volunteers which helped them get deeper understanding of the local culture. Discussion about challenges in the host families helped volunteers to understand that they live in the different part of the world and rules and lifestyle are very much different from at home and helped them reflect on need of adaptation to the new culture.


Volunteers actively participated in every session and shared their experience among the participants by which they got encouragement for their rest of the stay in India. Participants liked this evaluation seminar! For them activities protected a lot more space for valuable and interesting discussions and they thanked facilitators for integrating their suggestion and ideas.

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