An Inspiring Story from Senthamangalam

An Inspiring Story from Senthamangalam

Manoj, a beneficiary of the 11th and 12th Happy Move Camp, gives a personal account of his experiences and shares the actions he’s taken based on what he learned. 


“I am Manoj, studying 5th Standard in Panchayat Union Primary School in Senthamangalam, Kancheepuram District. During August 2013 (11th Happy Move Camp 2013), the Anna (brother) and Akka (sister) from Korea came to our school and took many activities such as renovat[ing] the toilets, hand wash platform etc… We all were so excited.  After they left, [in] October 2013, one Anna from FSL-India came to our school and formed [the] Children’s Parliament in our school to monitor and keep the school premises [and] toilets clean and neat. I became [a] member of the Environment Committee of the Children’s Parliament. FSL-India Anna came to our school often and started insisting on green and clean environment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain, [in] January 2014 (12th Happy Move Camp 2014), Korean Anna and Akka again came to my school for camp… This time, [a] few of them came to my house and planted a tree with [a] tree guard in the open space. They all identified me and told me to water the plant daily. Being [a] member of [the] Environment Committee, I [was] so inspired and decided to grow the garden at my home. I discussed with my thaththa (grandfather); he also encouraged me and helped me to promote [a] kitchen garden two months ago.

Now there are brinjal, green chilli, water melon, cluster beans etc. grown in my garden. I feel very proud to say that this is the garden created by me and it is my own plants…! Now I am moving to another school for my higher class… I [will] tell my new friends to grow plants [in] their homes…!”

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