A Cleaning Lesson from French Students in Tribal Village: 8th September, 2019 -Vijaya Karnataka, Mysuru Edition

A Cleaning Lesson from French Students in Tribal Village: 8th September, 2019 -Vijaya Karnataka, Mysuru Edition

The Toilets for Ballenahalli tribal community created awareness about the importance of using a bathroom, learning and Indian culture.

4 engineering students from France built 2 toilets-cum-bathrooms, as well taught English and cleanliness to the children at Ballenahalli tribal village, Hunsur Taluk.

HILAP is the humanitarian wing of one of most prestigious civil Engineering schools in France – ESTP. The group of students – Morgan, Mathilde, Riath and Lexane  also gained knowledge on our agricultural methods and activities. They raised awareness among the community about water, and the importance conserving the environment.

The team of 4 international college students from HILAP worked at Hunsur Taluk, Ballenahalli tribal village with the collaboration of FSL-India. During the free time from their studies, they worked at supermarkets and petrol stations to earn and save money, which they used to build these toilets-cum bathrooms. They drew colourful pictures on the toilet wall, which attracted the attention of the community.

They dug toilets pits even during the drizzling rain and heat of the sun. They mixed cement to make concrete and they built the toilets with the support of local masons. They completed the water curing process of the toilets, as well as painted the walls, drew pictures on the importance of toilets, how to use toilets properly and created awareness on this important subject.

They visited the village higher primary school, where they taught the children about Cleaniness, Environment, English, Maths and Social Awareness.

The students learnt about  agriculture, Indian culture and festivals. They participated in paddy cultivation in the muddy fields and also planted organic ragi (finger millet). They enjoyed dabbling in clay modelling, where they participated in Ganesha idol making for the festival. They visited famous tourist places like Mysuru , Kodagu and Gurupura, where there is a Tibetan Monastery.

Since 2012, groups of students from France have been visiting Ballenahalli village and until now they have constructed 2 houses and 32 toilets-cum-bathrooms. In fact, they have adopted the Ballenahalli village. Every year, the students participate in the development of this community and learn more about our country’s culture, customs and practices.

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