22nd Happy Move Camp on Education and Renovation (EDRN), 14th-25th January 2019: Nagoor Kani J, FSL-India Team Leader

22nd Happy Move Camp on Education and Renovation (EDRN), 14th-25th January 2019: Nagoor Kani J, FSL-India Team Leader

80 Korean volunteers, 16 Indian volunteers, 4 mentors, 1 chief mentor, 1 nurse, 14 FSL-India staff, 4 Better World staff from India and South Korea worked together in a village called Kurubavandanapalli, in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh during this work camp.

I was an FSL-India Team Leader for Team A of 25 participants – 20 Korean Volunteers + 1 mentor + 4 Indian volunteers all working together at Kurubavandanapalli village for Education and Renovation.

Here, the activities were constructing community toilets, renovation of school toilets, renovation of the school kitchen, educational paintings at the school, as well as Water and Sanitation educational activities.   

Here’s some feedback from our volunteers about this experience:     

Kim Byeongchan – During these 12 days, I was so pleased to share happy moment. Actually, I came here to give happiness to India. But, India gave me happiness also. Through this program, I understood the real meaning of volunteering. Volunteering is not giving what ‘I’ have but sharing what ‘we’ have. This happy moment will be shared forever. I really appreciate FSL-India for giving us this chance to feel fulfilled by sharing what we have. Thank you.

Park Sangwoo – As a foreign volunteer, at the first time I was surprised at the difference from my culture. Only few things barely made me feel comfort. But during volunteering, I met many local people and even lived together in the same room. With them, I could learn lots of things especially about diversity and tolerance. My life became more colorful than any time before. Thank you.

Kang Seongmin – I can remind myself what is happiness. While I stayed with Indian members, I learned that understanding, consideration and partnership. We are different, but we could understand and interact with each other. We became the one. As a foreign volunteer, I felt that although we have the different culture, I can interact with a truth.

Hong Jinseok – 2 weeks here, it was like a miracle to me. I was able to learn how to change the world. Talking to Indian volunteers, making a toilet, getting a wall painted, learning how to live and think like an Indian, and giving some education to children, all of these made me feel like I could do anything for my entire life. These memories will remain forever. Especially when I saw the Indian volunteers going to their own life, I couldn’t help crying. I will miss them for a long time. Thanks for giving such a fantastic experience!

Lee Nayoung – I will remember Anantapur as a beautiful memory for my whole life. Even though it was just 11 days, I was inspired a lot. I’ve learned that we can have sincere relationship with people who have a totally different culture and we can empathise with each other. I will keep my wonderful experience in my heart. Thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity to feel humanity. I will never forget the children’s bright smiles and their greetings. It was definitely the best volunteering I’ve ever done.

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