Following in the footsteps of IVS – Supporting the needy

Following in the footsteps of IVS – Supporting the needy

FSL India has been supporting the migrant communities in and around Kundapur for more than a decade, providing them with basic education, supplementing their diet with the necessary nutrients, and organising health camps with free consultations, checkups and medicines.

Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic reared its ugly head, FSL India and its dedicated staff have been on their toes, providing support to the needy at this stressful time. On 10th April, FSL India’s HBP staff requested Baikady Panchayat’s President and the Udupi Red Cross Society to provide daily consumer goods for the migrant community due to the repercussions caused by the pandemic.

Responding to the request of FSL India’s staff, the Panchayat President, along with the Udupi Red Cross Society, provided an essentials kit for 15 families at Baikady, consisting of 5 kgs rice, 2 kgs dal,1 litre oil, a few spices, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and some other vegetables to the community. To sensitise them on personal protection and hygiene under these circumstances, face masks and hand gloves were also provided in the essentials kits.

The migrant community of Baikady were very happy to receive the vegetables, groceries and other items, and they expressed their gratitude to the Panchayat President and FSL India’s team for their service to humanity.

FSL India is sincerely thankful to the members of the local Panchayat and Udupi Red Cross Society for their concern and service to the distressed migrant community of Baikady, carrying on the work of our organisation, in the tradition of International Voluntary Services, which began its humanitarian services exactly one hundred years ago.

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