Orienation Week – October 2009

Orienation Week – October 2009

This month FSL welcomed 14 new volunteers from countries like Germany, Italy, France and Finland.
During our monthly orientation week, they learned a little bit of the kannada language, visited some of the projects and prepared themselves with their roles and responsibilities in the project and in general.
“I think the Orientation week is a lot of fun. I have learned a lot about the Indian culture in the different sessions. People are friendly, food is good!” said one volunteer, another added: “In my opinion the Orientation Week is necessary for all of us, to understand a little bit more about the Indian culture before going straight on to the project. […] Thank you so much for your work! You have respected and followed everything you had said! I think that is not easy and I also think that it’s awesome!”


Please Welcome:
top, from the left: Mehdi (PC & Media), Hannah (Mathruchaya), Cecillia (Kishkinda), Jelena (Chickansal), Annalisa (Seona), Melissa (Manashanthi), Angelina (Dani), Sophie (Shanti Ashram), Bjoern (Spandana), Chandrakanth (EVS to France), Romaric (Sathi)
bottom: Annabelle (Dani), Sophie Valerie (Brahmavar School), Anne (Cancelled), Evan (Seona)

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