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  • One week in PFA Mysore July 11, 2024
    We went to Mysore to volunteer at People for Animals, a shelter for every kind of homeless animal sick or healthy. At PFA there is always some work, because they take care of so many animals. In the area they have a vet’s office, so people are coming and going with their pets all the […]
  • My Volunteer experience in India July 8, 2024
    Hey, my name is Morten, and I’m 19 years old. I’ve embarked on a volunteering journey to India. It all started with a long flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai and then to Mangalore. There, a friendly FSL staff member picked me up at the airport and drove me to Kundapur. The first thing I noticed […]
  •  Summer Project at Mount Rosary Farm June 12, 2024
    Most of the time I am working at a teaching project at the southern part of the west coast in a town called Udupi. But now there are summer holidays and therefore school is closed. In the meantime, I joined another volunteer coming from Germany as well, named John, at his work at a farm […]
  • My last week in my school project -Higher Primary School Moodugiliyar May 15, 2024
    The last week in my project was very special. The exams were over and everybody was looking forward for the summer holidays.The whole week there were no classes anymore. Instead, every student could do more or less what they want to do. Playing games, drawing, spending a lot of time outside. I especially liked that […]
  • Embracing Seasons: From Winter  to Spring Exploration April 23, 2024
    As winter faded, I thought about my journey. I started by volunteering, then enjoyed winter,snow and now spring, and explored Potsdam last month.Winter can feel sad and cold, but this year was different. Volunteering was hard sometimes, but it taught me to be strong. When spring came, everything changed. Flowers bloomed, and Easter was fun […]
  • My Volunteer experience in India April 19, 2024
    Hey there, my name is Hanno, for context I am a 20-year-old guy from Frankfurt, Germany currently participating in a project in south-eastern India, Pondicherry. I will try to give you guys a quick insight into my project and what I actually do here. The project is primarily a children’s home which is separated into […]
  • My Volunteering experience in India April 4, 2024
    Almost 4 months have already passed since I started living in India. It’s unbelievable how simultaneously fast and slow time can pass when you get to learn something new every day. I live in a village in the beautiful Pondicherry, which is located at the eastern coast of southern India. Through my local Coordinator, who […]
  • Carnival party in the orphanage March 30, 2024
    As my home country, Germany, is in the middle of Carnival, I felt a little homesick for the first time. Carnival is a colorful festival where people dress up in costumes and have fun together. It is a very old tradition, and originally, people dressed up in scary costumes to chase away the evil winter […]
  • My Experience as a volunteer at a school in India March 26, 2024
    Together with other volunteers I arrived in India about six months ago.  After one week at an arrival-camp, I moved to my host family, where I will live for my entire time working at my project.  This project is in my case a government aided primary school where I give english classes and assist the […]
  • My Volunteering Experience in Germany March 6, 2024
    When I first heard about Outbound through FSL-India, it was the most exciting feeling I had in a while. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we first started the process of coming here to Germany.  From the time we set foot into this country up until this point, it […]

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