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CEL - Centre For Experiential Living

“We are extremely proud of our unique and wonderful Centre for Experiential Living. It is where students, Local communities and International Volunteers and sometimes our partners meet, learn and collaborate. This year too there were many micro projects, covering wildlife conservation, environment education and awareness, tent communities of migrant workers, school children, local youth, fisher-folk community, and farming community came together and involved in range of activities.

Especially after the Permaculture training in 2018, there was increased activities of sustainable agriculture practices including introduction of apiculture and permaculture in the learning Centre. – Rakesh Soans, President – FSL India

Tucked away at Shettrakatte in Kundapur, lies FSL India’s Centre for Experiential Living (CEL), amidst coconut, mango, jackfruit trees, flowering shrubs and lush green campus. With 41 species of birds found here, it is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The purpose of CEL is to create a healthy and positive atmosphere, to live harmoniously by caring for people and nature, through accepting diversity and learning from each other, for a sustainable future. Indeed, CEL is a vibrant platform for our international and national volunteers to meet and exchange ideas and knowledge, to find solutions to local problems and implement them within the local communities. At CEL, we have the facilities to accommodate 60 pax in dormitories, with a conference room for classroom sessions, an amphitheater for outdoor sessions, a library, a semi-open dining hall, a roof top deck and many other amenities to make your stay a comfortable and memorable one.


Why Be A Volunteer?

Volunteering offers numerous rewards, both for yourself and the community. It presents an opportunity to contribute to society while gaining personal experience and growth.

When you volunteer your time to improve a society or a community, you stop being a regular citizen and join a global community of people who offer their dedication, time, energy, and effort to the advancement of others and of themselves. You develop as a world citizen.


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