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Youth Development

The primary aim of our programs focussing on youth is to help these young minds develop social, moral, emotional, physical, and intellectual competencies. Through various programs and activities we actively promote “Youth Leadership” and train young individuals to achieve the ability to analyse their strength, work on their weaknesses, set personal goals and gain motivation, self-confidence and courage to carry them out. We believe that “the youth of today is the driving force of tomorrow” and working together, helping them channelize their energy and guiding them in the right direction will bring about an enormous change in our society and help ensure a better tomorrow for everybody.

Community Development

Community Development – Construction and Renovation, Promotion of model villages, Organising women and youth, livelihood development, Health & Hygiene, Constructing sanitation facilities are some of the works we do.

Sea Turtle Conservation

FSL India the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 2003 with the support of the Forest Department of Kundapura and Maravanthe Turtle Conservation Initiative (MTCI). The objective is to conservate and protect the sea turtle population along the Kundapura coastline. We have been engaging volunteers for this project who work alongside our teams in monitoring hatcheries and releasing hatchlings into the sea. Our volunteers also help us in conducting awareness sessions in schools and colleges and in the community.

If you are interested to be a volunteer in this project, Click Here

Social Leadership Training

FSL India regularly organize Social Leadership Training programs wherein two-day sessions comprising of leadership and team-building activities are conducted. In this training, we encourage participants to take social actions and become responsible citizens in a fun yet insightful atmosphere. Both working employees and interested individuals are welcome to partake these sessions.


FSL India is engaged in a variety of projects in the field of education. Through our volunteering opportunities, we place international volunteers in local schools in India where children can be taught. We have also implemented long term projects in several schools in partnership with our CSR tie-ups and international partners.

100th Monkey

100th Monkey is a phenomenon in which an idea is believed to spread rapidly across various groups if a significant number of members in one group adapt the idea. To reach this tipping point faster and accelerate the rate of transformative behaviors, FSL India has been conducting 100th Monkey sessions for children in order to instill in them social values like self-awareness, empathy, leadership and so on. As part of this project, our teams visit schools every week and organize special sessions for students.


FSL India has been working to enable 1000 children with Global Competencies through self-actualization and active citizenship.




Dobrain is a play-based educational application aimed at cognitive development of children. FSL India, in partnership with Dobrain has implemented a project in local schools in Bangalore for students of classes 1 and 2. For this, our teams visited schools every week and set up tabs for students to play and learn through the Dobrain app.

Environment and Sustainability

The lurking threat of deforestation, pollution, depleting natural resources, global warming and climate change demands our urgent attention to address these critical issues. Therefore, working for the environment and towards a sustainable future is one of our top most priorities. Rain water harvesting, Sustainable agriculture, Sea turtle conservation, Environment protection, Heritage conservation, Natural resource management, Water and sanitation, Environment education etc., are a few among the many of our areas of interest. Through our work in these areas, we strive to protect the environment and the natural resources, promote sustainable livelihood and help maintain environmental sustainability.

Network and Collaboration

By virtue of its affiliation, FSL India is a member of –

FSL India acts as a support structure for youth and social organizations engaged in various development programs such as: 1) Asia – Europe Young Volunteers Exchange (AEYVE), 2) European Voluntary Service (EVS), 3) World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) 4) Weltwaerts and 5) Experiment in International Living (EIL).

FSL  India also works in various fields in cooperation with Archaeological Survey of India, Ministry of Women and Child Welfare, Ministry of Health, Education, Forest and Wildlife Departments and Local Self-governance Bodies.

In collaboration with several companies, FSL India also runs several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects. Our CSR Partners are:

FSL India also undertakes several self-funded Projects under Home Based Projects like the Sea Turtle Conservation, Environmental Education, Sustainable agriculture and Tent School for Migrant community.


Why Be A Volunteer?

Volunteering offers numerous rewards, both for yourself and the community. It presents an opportunity to contribute to society while gaining personal experience and growth.

When you volunteer your time to improve a society or a community, you stop being a regular citizen and join a global community of people who offer their dedication, time, energy, and effort to the advancement of others and of themselves. You develop as a world citizen.


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