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MLTV - Mid & Long Term Volunteering

What is MLTV?
The MLTV program welcomes participants for a minimum duration of one month, extending up to a maximum of one year or even longer. This program welcomes everyone and does not require much skills for participation. However, it is crucial to possess qualities such as open-mindedness to learn, flexibility in adjusting to diverse cultural environment, commitment to the movement, and a genuine interest in humanitarian and developmental work. These qualities promote genuine participation and support the program’s goals.

*MTV- Mid Term Volunteering – up to 3 months
*LTV- Long Term Volunteering – more than 3 months

Our areas of work
MLTV provides a wide range of fields to choose from for your involvement. FSL India has extensive experience in a variety of development sectors via numerous initiatives that benefit all the stakeholders. When you participate in one of these programs, it offers a transformative experience with an opportunity to be immersed in a different culture, forge meaningful friendships, make a positive impact on the local community, enhance your tolerance, and foster mutual respect and understanding.

Furthermore, on a personal level, you will undergo tremendous growth and acquire skills that can become your greatest assets. The MLTV experience is not only about contributing to the development of others but also about your own personal and professional development.

Here is the list of MLTV fields of work to volunteer. You can choose any field of your choice based on your interest and skills. Kindly do not forget to mention the Theme Code and the Theme Name in your application. A Letter of Motivation and a minimum of three fields of work as choices are requested from all the applicants in order of preference in the application form.

Please Note: Some of these fields may request some specific eligibility criteria in terms of skills/duration etc. For more information on each of these fields, please feel free to get in touch with us.

How to Apply


While education, helps us develop, it also enables people to acquire skills, knowledge, develop positive attitude and values which are fundamental necessities for a sustainable future. As a volunteer for Regular Teaching you will find it rewarding to teach spoken English, basic Math, Health & Hygiene Awareness, Environmental Education and conducting Co-curricular activities with local schools.

Environmental Projects

The volunteers will be given opportunity to understand the social and cultural aspects of the community/Project they work. The volunteers will be given experience through interactions, workshops, exchange of ideas, baseline and end-line survey of the projects with the support of the mentor. At the end of their projects the volunteers will present to the Universities about the outcome and impact of their projects. The project activity will consist of Community Service, Development Learning, Cultural Exchange, Project and personal evaluation.

Social Projects

We believe volunteers can be huge change-makers in such projects by participating and bringing joy in lives of these children, and help the NGO to bring some structure changes in their daily lives and prepare them for adulthood.

Medical & Health

As a Medical intern in India you will see a healthcare system that in many ways reflects our own but is interspersed with local influences. If you have no medical experience your role will be mainly observational.Doctors will show you all they can and introduce you to many different cases. If you come with a medical background, you will be given more responsibility and the potential to take on a more active role with patients.

Medical & Health

Theme CodeTheme Name
LTV 04 AMedical Internship

Special Projects

At FSL India we are always looking for people with different vocational or special skills other than what is mentioned in our project information. We welcome you to get in touch with us as we can consider special projects for you in which, you could use your special skills to benefit and serve an underprivileged community.


Why Be A Volunteer?

Volunteering offers numerous rewards, both for yourself and the community. It presents an opportunity to contribute to society while gaining personal experience and growth.

When you volunteer your time to improve a society or a community, you stop being a regular citizen and join a global community of people who offer their dedication, time, energy, and effort to the advancement of others and of themselves. You develop as a world citizen.


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