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Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtles are very important and play a very crucial role in maintaining the Marine Ecosystem and keeping it healthy. Sea Turtles are known to live for more than 200 years and travel more than 3000 Kms in a single year. Their population has drastically reduced and put them in schedule 1 of the endangered species list. The last of the nesting areas in the District of Udupi are threatened due to unplanned development activities and lack of awareness about them.

FSL India initiated the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 2003 with the support of the Forest Department of Kundapura and Maravanthe Turtle Conservation Initiative (MTCI). The objective is to Conserve and protect the sea turtle population along the Kundapura coastline. We have been engaging volunteers for this project who work alongside our teams in monitoring hatcheries and releasing hatchlings into the sea. Our volunteers also help us in conducting awareness sessions in schools and colleges and in the community.

FSL India has been working to save these amazing creatures since 2003. Some of the achievements are:

Project Cost 1,50,000/- Annually Plea: Anyone who is interested in helping us save these Amazing Creatures please help us by donating. Any amount is appreciated.

If you are interested to be a volunteer in this project, Click Here


Why Be A Volunteer?

Volunteering offers numerous rewards, both for yourself and the community. It presents an opportunity to contribute to society while gaining personal experience and growth.

When you volunteer your time to improve a society or a community, you stop being a regular citizen and join a global community of people who offer their dedication, time, energy, and effort to the advancement of others and of themselves. You develop as a world citizen.


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