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Rakesh . S . Soans

Senior, Social Architect, Strategist

Rakesh is a Certified Non formal Educator and Intercultural Facilitator with 20 years of experience in the social sector helping International network, Corporate Companies and Government Departments in strategizing and implementing Social interventions achieve deeper impact.

Rakesh Soans is a remarkable individual who has dedicated his life to spreading happiness, joy, and social change through his work in the field of social development and community engagement. His life’s purpose revolves around energizing people with fun and play, facilitating connections, and promoting positivity among individuals and communities.

As the Co-founder & President of ‘Field Services & Interculture Learning’ (FSL), an international social organization, Rakesh has taken the lead in promoting social development among the youth through volunteering, social-emotional learning, and global competencies. His organization also focuses on community development projects related to natural resource management, indicating his holistic approach to making a positive impact on society.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years, Rakesh has designed diverse non-formal education programs catering to various groups including Corporate, Governmental up to senior IAS officers level and global communities like UNESCO. His international leadership roles and intercultural learning initiatives highlight his commitment to creating connections among international volunteers and local communities. He has also been actively involved in corporate volunteering interventions and organization development efforts, emphasizing the importance of social leadership and personal social responsibility.

Rakesh’s passion extends beyond his professional pursuits; he is described as a dreamer, dancer, actor, and nature-lover. This multi-faceted personality reflects his ability to connect with people on different levels and infuse positivity and creativity into everything he does. His involvement in various development projects, such as the Sea Turtle conservation and Model Village initiatives, showcases his dedication to both environmental and community well-being.

Rakesh’s global outlook is evident through his extensive travel to over 35 countries and his partnerships with youth organizations for international voluntary service. His role in the Executive committee of CCIVS (under UNESCO) for 8 years underscores his commitment to promoting positive change on an international scale.

In essence, Rakesh Soans is a Sorcerer of positive energy, using his diverse talents and leadership abilities to create regenerative communities, foster connections, and inspire social change. His life’s mission of spreading happiness and joy while nurturing social responsibility serves as an inspiration to all who come into contact with his work and his vibrant personality.

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