The rewards of volunteering can be huge for you and for the community. It is an opportunity for you to give something back to society and to gain in terms of personal experience and growth.

However, if you are still not convinced, maybe the reasons below can help you to make up your mind, pack your bags and embark on the journey of volunteering:

  • #1 You become a Change-maker!!!
    The contribution of every single person counts and it is important to bring about a change!

    When you lend your hand to make a difference to a society or a community you no longer remain an ordinary citizen, instead you become a member of this global network of individuals who offer their commitment, time, energy and effort for the betterment of others and development of self. You become a global citizen.
  • #2 Your Skills get utilized for the betterment of others/the society/a community
    Your skills, strength and your capabilities can bring about an enormous difference to someone. It could be any skill you carry...at times even your positive spirit and enthusiasm can help create a big difference.
  • #3 Live, Learn and Experience a whole new world
    Volunteering takes you into an astonishing journey of new people, culture and customs. It provides you an experience of a lifetime when you leave your comfort zone and spend your time living and working together with people from diverse cultures. You get to meet new people, learn a new language, learn and understand cultural differences and adapt to new surroundings.
  • #4 Enhance your personal and professional growth
    Working with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds will change how you view yourself. You discover a new self, uncover your hidden talents, find new interests and hobbies and become more confident. You gain important life skills like teamwork, decision making, problem solving, planning, strategy building, organizing, that boost your career trajectory.
  • #5 Meet People, Network and Become a Global Citizen
    One of the greatest things about volunteering is the opportunity to meet and work together with people with similar and varied interests, skill sets, knowledge and life experiences. Working, facing difficulties and exploring new things together paves a way for international friendship and understanding.

    Last but not the least -
  • #6 Because it is the right thing to do
    Every bit that you contribute makes a difference! It’s your chance to give back. People across boundaries are joining hands for a better and sustainable future, for protecting the environment, for creating international understanding and friendships and promoting world peace...Will you be one of them?

WHAT IS IVS - International Voluntary Service AND ITS IMPACT?

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